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Title: Gravitomagnetism due to a rotating charged body in Brans-Dicke theory.
Other Titles: Gravitomagnetismo devido a um corpo carregado em rotação na teoria de Brans-Dicke.
???metadata.dc.creator???: BARROS, Adriano Trindade de.
Keywords: Gravitomagnetism;Brans-Dicke theory;Weak field approximation;Low rotating motion;Gravitomagnetic field;Gravitomagnetismo;Teoria Brans-Dicke;Aproximação de campo fraca;Movimento de baixa rotação;Campo gravitomagnético
Issue Date: 2016
Publisher: Universidade Federal de Campina Grande
Citation: BARROS, Adriano Trindade de. Gravitomagnetism due to a rotating charged body in Brans-Dicke theory. Advanced Studies in Theoretical Physics, v. 10, p. 311-318, 2016. Disponível em:
???metadata.dc.description.resumo???: We take into account a rotating charged body, obtaining the Kerr- Newman-type solution in Brans-Dicke theory, assuming the weak field approximation and considering a source with low rotating motion. The solution is exhibited by using the fact that one can establish a straight- forward correspondence between weak fields solutions in General Rela- tivity and Brans-Dicke theory. Then, we calculate the gravitomagnetic field and investigate some gravitomagnetic effects, showing the electric charge contribution in each case and comparing the results with those predicted by General Relativity.
Keywords: Gravitomagnetism
Brans-Dicke theory
Weak field approximation
Low rotating motion
Gravitomagnetic field
Teoria Brans-Dicke
Aproximação de campo fraca
Movimento de baixa rotação
Campo gravitomagnético
???metadata.dc.subject.cnpq???: Física.
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