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Title: Gravitomagnetic effects in the Kerr-Newman spacetime.
Other Titles: Efeitos gravitomagnéticos no espaço-tempo de Kerr-Newman.
???metadata.dc.creator???: BARROS, Adriano Trindade de.
Keywords: Gravitomagnetism;Gravitomagnetismo;Weak field approximation;Kerr-Newman spacetime;Espaço-tempo Kerr-Newman;Gravitomagnetic effects;Lorentz-type force;Gravitational force;Aproximação de campo fraca;Efeitos gravitomagnéticos;Força tipo Lorentz;Força gravitacional
Issue Date: 2016
Publisher: Universidade Federal de Campina Grande
Citation: BARROS, Adriano Trindade de. Gravitomagnetic effects in the Kerr-Newman spacetime. Advanced Studies in Theoretical Physics, v. 10, p. 81-87, 2016. Disponível em:
???metadata.dc.description.resumo???: In this work we consider gravitomagnetic effects in the context of the Kerr-Newman solution of the General Relativity theory. Firstly, the gravitoelectric and gravitomagnetic fields are defined with the aid of the expression of the gravitational force, which is a Lorentz-type force. Then, as an application, we study the frame dragging effect, the light deflection and the gravitomagnetic time delay, exhibiting the electric charge contribution in each case and comparing the results obtained with those predicted in the Kerr spacetime.
Keywords: Gravitomagnetism
Weak field approximation
Kerr-Newman spacetime
Espaço-tempo Kerr-Newman
Gravitomagnetic effects
Lorentz-type force
Gravitational force
Aproximação de campo fraca
Efeitos gravitomagnéticos
Força tipo Lorentz
Força gravitacional
???metadata.dc.subject.cnpq???: Física.
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