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Title: A cor na infografia jornalística: uma análise das funções da cor na construção da informação gráfica.
Other Titles:  Color  in  journalism  infographics:  an  analysis  of  the functions  of  color  in  the  construction  of  graphics  information.
???metadata.dc.creator???: MENEZES, Hanna França.
???metadata.dc.contributor.advisor1???: PEREIRA, Carla Patrícia de Araújo.
???metadata.dc.contributor.referee1???: QUEIROZ, José Eustáquio Rangel de.
???metadata.dc.contributor.referee2???: MIRANDA, Eva Rolim.
Keywords: Informação gráfica;Cor - comunicação visual;Funções da cor;Design da informação; Infographic;Color;Infografia;Jornalismo informativo;Sistema Munsell;Teorias da cor;Conceito de cor;Percepção visual;Cor e organização perceptiva;Color theories;Color and perceptual organization
Issue Date: Feb-2018
Publisher: Universidade Federal de Campina Grande
Abstract: Infography has been characterized as a new representaíion of form the contemporary informative journalism genre, that synthesizes the information from the resources the graphic visual language, aiming quick and efficient reading the news. Among the visual language elements that characterize its configuration, the color becomes an important feature the infographics, can contribute to emphasize and organize complex visual information, for clarity, visual balance, and harmony. However, it can also have negative effects, if used improperly, making information difficult to understand. Within this context, the present study investigates the indicative, perceptive and representative functions of color in the journalism infographics, aiming to propose recommendations for its use in the design of infographics. Therefore, this research presents an exploratory, mixedmethod (qualitative and quantitative) approach, to be carried out in four stages: (i) characterization of color functions; (ii) analysis of a set of infographics; (iii) processing and interpretation of data; and (iv) recommendations for the use of color in the project of journalism infographics. Comparing the three categories was observed that perceptive and indicative function categories were the most recurrent, being the functions harmonize, organize, hierarchize and measure the most ones. However, these same categories were also those ones that presented a higher number of probiems in the use of color, with the functions maintaining readability and visibility and maintaining consistency the most problematic ones. Such analysis identified successful uses and highlighted some shortcomings, moreover contributing recommendations for directing the proper application of color in journalism infographics.
Keywords: Informação gráfica
Cor - comunicação visual
Funções da cor
Design da informação
Jornalismo informativo
Sistema Munsell
Teorias da cor
Conceito de cor
Percepção visual
Cor e organização perceptiva
Color theories
Color and perceptual organization
???metadata.dc.subject.cnpq???: Design
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